Bilan d’activité 2020

La solidarité en action
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Throughout the year, the volunteers of Secours populaire have multiplied their solidarity actions to help the most disadvantaged, in France and around the world.

Launch of the Don’actions campaign

On 11 January, the Secours populaire launched Don’actions, its major annual fundraising campaign. Hundreds of volunteers gathered in Rouen, Marseille and many other cities to collect the essential funds that the association needs to carry out its work.

Haiti earthquake: 10 years on

On 12 January 2010, Haiti was devastated by an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.3, one of the deadliest natural disasters on record, killing more than 250,000 people. The Secours populaire began lending its support in 2010, and continues to work with the most disadvantaged people on the island. Along with its local partners, one of the association’s projects has been to rebuild or refurbish 30 schools.

Boîtes à bonheur (Cans for happiness) project

For the last 15 years, thousands of children have been able to go on holiday every summer thanks to the motivation and commitment of Carrefour teams and canning manufacturers. During the month-long Boîtes à bonheur (Cans for happiness) project, 7% of the sales by participating brands are donated to the Secours populaire to help organise the Journées des oubliés des vacances holiday initiative. This year, the project raised €655,000.


“Secours Pop’chefs” in Metz

On 8 February, 400 people accompanied by the Secours populaire were invited to Metz for a gala meal organised by the students of a hotel and catering school. The students had been working on the event for six months, to make sure that the families were given an unforgettable experience. A festive meal was prepared with products from the Fund for European Aid to the Most Deprived (FEAD), which is usually distributed as part of our self-service food operations.

3,000 people invited to Futuroscope

To celebrate the season opening of Futuroscope, 3,000 people from all over the Nouvelle Aquitaine region were able to spend a day at the famous futuristic amusement park. The initiative allowed families who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford to go to places like Futuroscope, to enjoy something completely different.

BigFlo and Oli, rappers for solidarity

On 12 February, BigFlo and Oli organised an event entitled “Nuit Solidaire” (a night of solidarity) at the Zénith in Toulouse. They gave an exceptional concert, the proceeds of which were donated to the Secours populaire. Nearly 11,000 people cheered the two rappers and the many other artists who joined them on stage. The initiative raised €500,000.


The victims of Teil escape to Disneyland® Paris

On 11 November 2019, an earthquake struck the small town of Teil, in Ardèche, forcing almost 2,000 people to leave their homes. Four months later, the Secours populaire was still working with the victims and organised for 150 children and parents to visit Disneyland® Paris, so they could spend a day away from the worries of their everyday life.

“Une Journée pour soi” (A day to yourself) for 400 women

To celebrate the International Day of Women’s Rights, the Secours populaire worked with LVMH to organise a day for 400 women from Ile-de-France at the Château de Versailles. The agenda included a visit, a make-up session and a photo shoot. The experience was designed to benefit women who are not used to having time for themselves.

Coronavirus emergency: instant response

On 16 March, a total lockdown was announced in France to stem the Covid-19 epidemic. The Secours populaire and its volunteers immediately put in place the measures required to continue providing emergency solidarity for the millions of people that the association supports. A food bank drive-through, delivery services, psychological support, street campaigns, etc. Lots of initiatives were taken to prevent the most vulnerable from succumbing to poverty.


Coronavirus emergency: an emergency fund for the entire world

Faced with the scale of the Covid-19 epidemic, Secours populaire released an emergency fund of €223,000 for its partners in Europe and around the world to help them cope with the devastating impact of the coronavirus, especially on the most vulnerable populations.

“Je reste à la maison” (Stay at home): a lockdown festival to raise funds for the Secours populaire

From 1 to 7 April, almost 100 artists gave concerts from their homes, broadcast live on Facebook as part of the “Je reste à la maison” Festival. It was a great way of keeping artists in touch with their fans and raise funds for solidarity: €10,577 was collected.

A national call for volunteers

With the health crisis, the number of people approaching the Secours populaire for help has spiked. The association launched a major national campaign to call for volunteers, through a television spot produced free of charge by Publicis.

Even in lockdown, the copain du Monde movement is still active

Lockdown measures didn’t stop “copain du Monde” children from standing up in solidarity. Even though they had to stay at home, they used their imaginations and came up with new ways of supporting the volunteers who went out to help people in difficulty. Drawings, home-baked cakes and video messages flooded into the Secours populaire branches, and everyone was delighted to receive them!

“Croîs au printemps”: a song by M for the Secours populaire

Right from the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis, the Secours populaire was able to count on the support of many patrons, such as M (Matthieu Chédid), who wrote the song “Croîs au Printemps” (Believe in the spring) for the association. All the proceeds from the track were donated to support the work we do.

Solidarity tales for children

As well as music, stories were also shared with children by personalities that stepped up to lend a hand alongside the Secours populaire. With its “Contes solidaires” storybook initiative, 50 or so famous people read a selection of tales from their childhood on Instagram. It was a new and fun way to occupy children, after more than a month in lockdown.

A partnership with the MIN in Rungis

The health crisis and lockdown period caused a huge spike in requests for food aid from the Secours populaire. The association knew it had to rise to the occasion, so it formed a partnership with the Marché d’intérêt national in Rungis. The aim was to collect fresh fruits and vegetables that had been produced in France and allow people in difficulty to eat healthy and high quality food.


“Journées bonheur” happiness days, all summer long

Lockdown was a major ordeal for everyone, especially the most vulnerable, and volunteers needed to find solutions to allow people in difficulty to take a break from their difficult everyday lives, while ensuring preventive healthcare measures were kept in place. They decided to organise the “Journées bonheur”, a day for families to relax and take a break by the sea, in the mountains or in the countryside.

A Pop Show for the Secours populaire on France 2

To celebrate the return of the Pop Show program on France 2, all the money raised for the event was donated to the Secours populaire. Hosted by Nagui and Valérie Bègue, the guests raised €100,000 for the association! This money went to supporting volunteers in their work with the most disadvantaged populations.

Storm Amanda strikes El Salvador

Hurricane Amanda showed no pity in El Salvador, killing 27 people. Roads were blocked, crops wiped out, houses destroyed: nearly 30,000 people were affected by the disaster. La Canasta Campesina, our local partner, immediately sprung into action to clear the roads and help the victims.

Budding artists at the Palais de Tokyo

Along with the Urban Sketchers Paris association, Secours populaire volunteers invited children from the Ile-de-France to the Palais de Tokyo in Paris to visit Ulla Von Brandenburg’s exhibition. But it wasn’t just any visit, the children were treated to sketching lesson and given the opportunity to draw the works they had seen.

Tour de France solidaire

All summer long, the Secours populaire ran a very special Tour de France for solidarity with Amaury Sport Organisation. All over France and for a period of 20 days, children who weren’t able to go on holiday were invited to learn about BMX biking. To end these days in the best possible way, they left with a voucher worth €200 to purchase a bicycle.

A happy day for seniors

As part of the Journées bonheur happiness days which were organised all over France, around 40 senior citizens from the Côtes d’Armor were able to experience life to the manor born. On 27 July, they spent the day at the Domaine de la Roche-Jagu. It was a day of community and laughter for people who had been extremely lonely during the healthcare crisis.


Explosion in Beirut

While already in the grip of an economic, political and health crisis, the Lebanese people suffered another blow on 4 August 2020: a terrible explosion ripped through part of the city and caused considerable loss of life. Many people lost everything. Working with its partner association, DPNA, the Secours populaire took immediate action to rebuild housing and provide basic necessities to the thousands of disaster victims. The association also released an emergency fund of €100,000.

Copain du Monde children’s holiday villages around France

In Moselle, Aude and Auvergne, 11 “copain du Monde” children’s holiday villages were organised during the summer. Following healthcare measures to the letter, and limiting the number of participants, the villages gave children the opportunity to meet, talk about solidarity projects, and above all to get some fresh air during this very tough time in their lives.

51 Journées des oubliés des vacances holiday initiative

Secours populaire volunteers strive to ensure that nobody is left behind during the summer. After 15 August, 51 Journées des oubliés des vacances holidays were organised across France for children and families who had not had the opportunity to get away during the summer. Either by the sea, in the mountains or in the countryside, it was an opportunity to get away from it all and create some memories before going back to school in September.

Release of the 14th Ipsos – Secours populaire barometer

The healthcare crisis left nobody unscathed. Nearly 900,000 people suffered from poverty, and the consequences of Covid-19 were especially difficult for those most in difficulty. These are the findings of the 14th edition of the Ipsos / Secours populaire barometer, which reports the perception of poverty in France every year.

A contemporary art fair for the Secours populaire in Lille

The Solidart fair was held in Lille on 18, 19 and 20 September. The contemporary art event – designed by the Secours populaire – brings together nearly 150 artists for each of its editions, who come to exhibit and sell their works. At the end of the three days of the fair, an astounding €125,000 was collected to fund the Pères Noël verts (Green Father Christmas) campaign.

Deadly floods in Niger

Floods devastated a part of Niger, leaving 45 people dead and 225,000 homeless. The SPF has been working in the country since 2001, providing support to the populations through the work of its partner association, Hed Tamat.

Don’actions draw

It was supposed to take place at the end of March, but lockdown measures meant that the association had to postpone the Don’actions draw, the solidarity game which raises funds to support the association’s work. On 25 September at INSEP, and in the presence of several SPF sponsors, the draw was finally able to take place. The winners were all delighted!


Storm Alex in the Alpes-Maritimes

Storm Alex caused heavy rains and devastated the Alpes-Maritimes region, especially the Roya and Vésubie valleys, which were cut off from the world for several days. With no water, electricity or even food, local residents were able to count on Secours populaire volunteers to come to their aid.

Emergency distributions in Greece

Greece, a country grappling with a serious economic crisis that is affecting all its citizens, is also facing a large-scale migration crisis. The refugees who reach land on its shores are piling up in temporary camps. The SPF is providing some help, through its partner associations.

The Secours populaire doctors are celebrating their 40-year anniversary

From the start of the healthcare crisis, the Secours populaire doctors began working with volunteers and the people receiving help, to increase their awareness of preventive measures or to direct them through the most appropriate channels. These volunteer health professionals celebrated their 40-year anniversary with the association.


Increase in European food aid

The Member States of the European Union announced that the Fund for European Aid to the Most Deprived (FEAD) would be maintained, and would even see a 48% increase in its budget. This decision was welcomed by the Secours populaire, which had taken steps to ensure that this precious source of aid would go on supporting the most deprived people in France and Europe.

Solidarity streaming for the Secours populaire

On 14 November, GameWard organised a solidarity stream on Twitch to raise money for the Secours populaire. For a 12-hour period, guests took turns playing Fortnite online and collected donations for the association’s Père Noël verts (Green Father Christmas) campaign. Thanks to their efforts, €3,200 was collected.

Julien Doré supports the victims of storm Alex

Singer Julien Doré wanted to do something to help the victims of storm Alex. He has special ties with the region, so joined volunteers from the Secours populaire as they travelled through the devastated valleys meeting the inhabitants, and organised a solidarity raffle. More than €900,000 was collected, so that the SPF could go on supporting thousands of victims of natural disasters.


A day of solidarity for students

The Covid-19 pandemic drove thousands of students into severe poverty. In Clermont-Ferrand, volunteers who had been working with them for several months decided to organise a big day of solidarity specially for them. On the agenda: food distribution and a delivery of new laptops.

Poissy inmates collect for the “Pères Noël verts” (Green Father Christmas) campaign

At the high security prison in Poissy, inmates were able to show that they care. Ninety of them worked together to collect a ton of food products behind the prison walls. By pooling their already low incomes, they were able to purchase essential products so that the community’s poorest families could enjoy the festive season.

“Tous ensemble pour Noël” (All together at Christmas) on France 2

On 24 December, Faustine Bollaert and Olivier Mine hosted the program “Tous ensemble pour Noël” on France 2. The program set out to entertain, while raising awareness about the work of the Secours populaire and four other associations in the field.