Activity report 2022

Solidarity in action
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Throughout the year, the volunteers of Secours populaire have multiplied their solidarity actions to help the most disadvantaged, in France and around the world.

Launch of the Don'actions campaign

On 15 January, Secours populaire launched its major national collection campaign: Don'actions. With raffle tickets, collections at the trunk and grassroots initiatives, the association's volunteers mobilised throughout the campaign to develop essential solidarity in France, Europe and around the world.

War in Ukraine

From the very first hours of the war, Secours populaire mobilised to help the Ukrainians who had stayed behind, as well as those who had found refuge in neighbouring countries or in France. Distributing food, transporting medical supplies and welcoming refugees: in Ukraine, Poland, Moldova and Romania, Secours populaire joined forces with its network of partners to support the victims of the war.

Egg hunt

Over the Easter weekend, more than 250 egg hunts were organised across France. The programme for these festive days included a traditional chocolate egg hunt, as well as fun and creative activities. These days were also an opportunity for "Copain du Monde" volunteers and children to raise awareness of Secours Populaire's international actions. More than 80,000 children took part in these egg hunts, and the donations collected helped to fund solidarity initiatives around the world.

White hair banquet

On 20 May, 200 senior citizens from the various federations in the Paris region took part in the Banquet des cheveux blancs. The day's programme included a festive meal, afternoon dancing and karaoke. The aim of this day of conviviality and solidarity was to combat the isolation of the elderly and enable them to forge new links.

Olympics Day

On 22 June, to mark Olympic Day, 300 children took part in a sporting challenge: running 2024 metres. The day was also an opportunity for Secours Populaire and the French National Olympic and Sports Committee to sign an agreement to promote access to physical exercise and sport for all. Paris 2024 and Secours populaire français have joined forces to make the Olympic and Paralympic Games accessible via a solidarity ticketing scheme.

"Cap vers l'action"

From August 17 to 20, 200 children gathered at Disneyland Paris to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the "Copain du Monde" children's volunteer movement. On the program: a day of leisure activities and two days of exchanges and sharing based on the volunteer experience of these children from all over France and some twenty countries around the world. Together, they reflected on ways to act for a fairer, more united world.

Days for those who don't go on holiday

Between 15 and 30 August, Secours populaire volunteers worked to ensure that no-one was forgotten this summer. Everywhere in France, around fifty "Journées des oubliés des vacances" were organised to give thousands of children who didn't go on holiday a chance to make new memories before the start of the new school year. This was the case for 5,000 children from the Paris region, who enjoyed a day at the beach in Deauville. For many of them, it was a chance to discover the sea for the first time.

IPSOS barometer

On 7 September, the 16th Ipsos / Secours populaire barometer of poverty and precariousness was unveiled. It highlights the difficulties faced by a large proportion of the population in meeting their basic needs, at a time when inflation is causing energy and food prices to soar. For the first time, this barometer includes an international dimension, as people in 6 European countries were asked about their perceptions of poverty and precariousness. Together, they have drawn up a picture of a Europe where poverty is gaining ground.

Solidarity Festival

From 4 to 6 November, the Festival des solidarités et de la jeunesse (Solidarity and Youth Festival) took place in Saclay. It brought together 300 young volunteers from all over France and several other countries around the world to discuss the theme "For a fairer world based on solidarity, young citizens committed to emancipating solidarity". The aim of the meeting? To forge links and enable young people to learn from each other's experiences in order to develop solidarity together.

Launch of the Green Santa campaign

On 16 November, Secours populaire launched its Green Santa campaign at the Phénix circus in Paris. 5,000 children and parents attended a show and spent a festive moment together. Throughout December, the Green Santas carried out fund-raising campaigns to finance their activities. From the Christmas party to the distribution of festive parcels and gifts, the Green Santas took action in France, Europe and around the world to ensure that everyone could enjoy a dignified festive season.